Did Kit Harrington Say that Jon Snow Works for the White Walkers on Jimmy Kimmel?

jon snow

When he appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live on June 10th did Kit Harington suggest that the ultimate fate of character Jon Snow is to become a White Walker? In a show that aired days before his GOT character Jon Snow was killed off in the Season 5 Finale, Kit talked about the White Walkers with Jimmy Kimmel.

JK: I say to my wife every time I would just join the White Walkers.  I’d let them kill me because it seems like they’re just an army also. What the hell’s the difference?

KH: Yeah they look cool as well.

JK: They look cool too. They have beautiful blue eyes.

KH: (Nods, shrugs) I’m working for them.



That was what I heard. The subtitles on the Hulu version of this video show that he said “I’m rooting for them.” However that same gifted subtitler got “it was amazing, very tiger” for “it was amazing, very tiring” earlier in the same video so tell me what you hear.

For some reason I can not get the imbed to work on my end but it is the Jimmy Kimmel segment uploaded to YouTube on June 11th titled “Kit Harington on Game of Thrones Battle Scenes and White Walkers” (1.33). www.youtube.com/watch?v=XpV8MK9Idr0

Kit perhaps meant that he was “working” to say nice things about the White Walkers. He had just talked about about how bizarre it was to be around those figures on the set. The clip cuts off immediately after he says “I’m working for them” (or I’m rooting for them?) and I have not been able to watch the entire show.

Kit knew that his character was about to be brutally killed off so it is possible that he left a clue, even unconsciously. This may be grasping at straws but he has been in Belfast during filming for Season 6 and the theory that he may be resurrected as a White Walker has seen a lot of print.

Let’s hope it’s true because Jon Snow undead is better than no Jon Snow at all.

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Astronaut Chris Hadfield talks about the Voyager Satellite

In The Pursuit Of Wisdom

When a five-year-old expressed her worry for the Voyager satellite, this was astronaut, Cmdr. Chris Hadfield’s, response:

“Voyager is so happy, because it’s the bravest satellite of all. It has gone the furthest. And it’s not lonely, because it’s talking to us. It phones home. And it tells us all about the wonderful things that it’s seeing. …There’s a whole universe to explore, and it’s just leaving our Solar System right now. It’s very brave and very lucky to be doing what it’s doing, so it’s not going to get lost. It’s traveled further than anything we’ve ever built has traveled before. It’s actually showing us the way. …

It might have been safer for it to just stay home, and stay inside a building, but then it would have been sad forever, because it never would have done its purpose. It never would have discovered things. It’s all a…

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The Arrow of Time is a Spiral

This post takes its inspiration from the WordPress blog Merovee. Frank is very insightful and uses current events, movies, music and memes to point out the places where the world’s myth of randomness has worn thin, finding suggestions of a connectivity that exists on a deeper level. In an interesting post called the “Arrow of Time” he says “In Doctor Who, one of the recurring themes since its reintroduction has been ‘a fixed point in time and space’. This is an event which cannot be altered even by a time traveler, and must happen and magnetically draws the world towards it.”


Some of the points he made include:

“If one reviews the history of the world since 1914, one can see a similar pattern to the fixed point in time as seen in Doctor Who. If we take the dropping of the atomic bomb in 1945 as the fixed point, prior events such as the 1st World War, the Great Depression, the rise of the totalitarian mind set with the Nazis and Communism and the scientific break throughs in quantum physics could be seen with hindsight, as being created by the magnetic draw of the atom bomb…

As the world moved away from Nagasaki and Hiroshima, the effects were seen with the Cold War and world politics were dominated by these events but as time progressed, the effects became less and less and even though, nuclear weapons are still an issue, for all intents and purposes this period ended with the collapse of the Eastern bloc at the end of the 1980s and early 1990s…

I believe 9/11 was part of the attraction of the ‘fixed point in time’ and was a stepping stone to the future…”

We can call these points in time Great Attractors like the one that actually does exist in space. At Merovee they deal in synchronicity, but I want to look at the astro-synchronicity of these attractors because the events mentioned are part of a greater structure of time that can be measured. In other words great attractors are not randomly scattered in history but form a pattern.

In essence the post posits that *WWI is to WWII and the atomic bomb* as *9/11 and its wars will be to the next great attractor*. The Great Attractors (WWII and the one to come) are preceded by a precursor conflict that directly reflects on what will follow. Below there is a cycle chart that shows the astro-synchronology of the pattern for the “Great Attractors”. We can make one for precursor events like WWI and 9/11 that can be measured out in the same way. Essentially the magnetism  not only warps time in the decades before and after the event but its gravitational effects also travel in cross time currents and are felt again when we cross that point in the cycle once again in the future. The tension and pressure of the time we’re calling the “Great Attractor” is such that it always results in a conflict of some kind, usually manifested in a do or die, end of cycle war. This will be an American focused chart but the pattern grew from European roots.  It is really just a snapshot of a small part of these greater structures in time.

To explain what you’ll be looking at each concentric ring represents one of these epic conflicts. The dashes correspond to the positions of the outer planets from beginning to end for each conflict, information which can be verified in any online astrological ephemeris. The green wedge shows where Uranus overlapped its prior positions over the course of these climactic conflicts from start to finish, the blue represents the overlap of Neptune and purple is Pluto. What we see is a very precise cross time pattern that exists where we should expect to find only randomness. This is order out of chaos.


The 2020s ring is a projected measurement. The right column represents areas where the planets will overlap or geometrically oppose or square their positions in all three prior end of cycle conflicts. For instance in each of these climactic conflicts Uranus has been in the same point in the sky, running from 9 to 17 degrees of the zodiac sign of Gemini. Neptune has switched sides in the sky every time, running from 1 to 5 degrees of Aries or its partner in polarity Libra while Pluto came close to exactly squaring or opposing its prior positions.

The overlaps for the future “Great Attractor” period run from 2025-2029 with the greatest weight or center of gravity falling in 2027. In other words, the WWII/Civil War/Revolution of our time will encompass that period if the pattern continues to hold. As historians have consistently rated the presidents associated with those conflicts as the greatest, all three moving within the top 1, 2 and 3 spots in the list but never descending lower, let’s hope we do have a George Washington, a Lincoln, an FDR to light the way. We’d even settle for a 4th place!

If looking at this structure you’re tempted to say “But those are just the epic conflicts of Strauss and Howe Fourth Turnings!” I am only going to agree with you. I measure the same natural cycle using a system that I call Astrosynchronology.

For some earlier articles on the subject you can read:

An American Mandala

An Echo in the Spiral of Time

Gazing into the Quasicrystal Heavens

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You Too Can Be A NaNoWriMo Rebel

The one rule of the NaNoWriMo challenge is that you must complete an original 50,000 word fictional novel within the month of November. I intend to break that rule in two different ways. I’m a NaNo-rebel.  

Since I just hit 50,000 words and the half way mark in a nonfiction project, it first seemed that I would have to miss participating for yet another year. This would be the year that I have time to give it a shot, but I cannot abandon my history project midstream. Nor would I want to give up dinner with Sir Walter Raleigh and drinks with Ben Jonson and the Gunpowder plotters and dreaming of Shakespeare and de Vere.

That 50,000 word limit would put me close to my goal though. I thought I might pretend that I had an end of November deadline, but it turns out that I won’t have to fake it. I signed up as a NaNoWriMo rebel! I mean an officially approved Nano-sanctioned rebel. They have an actual “Out of the Box” rebel thread for the misfits who insist on writing nonfiction or starting the challenge in the middle of a book and you can validate and “win” with the fiction writers as long as you honestly slog your way through 50,000 words in November.

That ripped away my last excuse. Since I’m writing historical nonfiction about dissent and rebellion in the Shakespearean age, rebel would be appropriate for me, but whether you’re writing a how-to, a cookbook, astrology text or memoir, you too can join the NaNoWriMo Rebellion.

P.S. If you like to add buddies I’m listed as Mystikel.


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Friday Fictioneers #11 Cloud Latitudes

The midnight sun held back the darkness while we climbed. Clouds had descended all around. We climbed higher than clouds, and as dusk gathered saw eerie blue noctilucent wisps at the edge of space. We were on top of the world, staking tents in clouds, chasing auroras.

You said, “All compasses point to us.”

You were the only thing keeping me tethered to reality, voice rumbling from your chest to my ears, the burn of the wind and your beard. I left you there in the cloud latitudes but every compass in the world still points north to you.

maui-from-mauna-kea This story was written for Friday Fictioneers. It’s been a while and I missed some intriguing prompts! Thanks to Rochelle Wisoff Fields for keeping it going and to Douglas M. MacIlroy for the inspirational picture. The pic turned out to be Mauna Kea in Maui but I was already up near the north pole in my story, where the clouds layers really are compacted and so ride closer to the ground. You can find more stories inspired by the prompt here.

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How Uranus orbits the sun (Animation)

All the other planets duck when they see this one coming!

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Friday Fictioneers #10 The Scandalous Dress


Photo Copyright – Janet Webb

“May I borrow your scandalous dress?”

He and I often talked in the hall about books. When I mentioned reading the Scarlet Letter for class, I could not breathe and neither could he. Yet he gazes at my window when he walks past.

I hang the dress from my balcony. Realizing he might see up its skirt, my warm blush of cheek spreads like wildfire.

“Do you have a date?” Heather with the makeup in 3B asked.

“Not yet,” I said, shocking us both, but a lady must be bold if she wants a date with a man shyer than an Amish woman who is new to the world.


OK, I went with the Rumspringa. Actually, she left the Amish because she wanted to finish her education that was ended (against her wishes) after the eighth grade and to go on to college which means that she will have to make her way alone in the outside world, shunned by her family and former community. This bit of background came from a talk I attended by the author Saloma Miller Furlong whose autobiography “Why I Left the Amish” described her own journey to fulfillment and freedom in the outside world.   

This story was written for the Friday Fictioneers, a group of writers devoted to crafting 100 word stories from a photo prompt (this one was actually 109). Thanks to Rochelle Wisoff-Fields for the Amish inspiration and to Janet Webb for providing this intriguing photo (and a flag for everyone to rally around). Here’s another that went with the Amish theme. To find out what the rest of the Friday Fictioneers did with the pink dress click here

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Friday Fictioneers #9 Clues and Equations

Ed Nyms hated hearing his name called out in public, but he could not risk the trucker following him back to his rig.

The phone was broken but some angel left a marker that worked. My trembled scrawl:

E Nyms=Lori=Cyn-

“The phone’s broken,” Ed growled, rounding the corner of the building.

I transferred the marker from my sleeve to my sneaker getting into the truck. Being on the road, missing school had made me dumb. Next time I would write HELP, his name and Mom’s phone number. I would leave clues and equations in ladies rooms all across the country.

danny-bowmanCopyright – Danny Bowman

This story was written for Friday Fictioneers, a writer’s group devoted to crafting 100 word stories from a photo prompt. Thanks to Rochelle Wisoff-Fields for facilitating the group and Danny Bowman for this week’s intriguing picture. You can read more stories inspired by this photo prompt here.

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Friday Fictioneers #8 Kingdom of the Mind


“Bloody good find! It’s Shakespeare!”

“Don’t be so quick about it,” Sir Waverly warned his Stratfordian colleague Hitchbottom. “We can’t attribute this poem to the Bard. Have you forgotten the 17th Earl of Oxford once lived in and lost this house too?”

“Damn to bloody hell that villain, Edward de Vere! He left his bleedin’ fingerprints all over the page.”

“And Shakespeare’s as well.”

“If we say Oxford wrote this sonnet everyone will know who authored the works of Shakespeare. Let’s say Marlowe did it.”

“That would be problematic.”


“Wrong rhyme.”


“Wrong time.”

“Michael Drayton?”

“Splendid. I’ll ring the press.”


What saith the world is aught to me,
So saith they that fortune’s envy breed,
As I chase fey muse over sun spilled sea,
My kingdom dissolves in fact, in deed.

From worldly acts come naught but trouble.
Tis ever & always a wall’s destiny to fall
& monuments too soon collapse to rubble.
To woo, thy muse must burn and consume all.

Dare I care what dissolution they see
So long soars my muse, soul shackle-freed?
By troth, what saith the world is all to me.
Thus hide I my name in invented weed

Until those who breathe this air have passed
then reign o’er my kingdom of mind EVER last.


I added the sonnet in case you were curious to know what our literary sleuths uncovered. Some believe that William Shakespeare wrote this poem (note the usage of “invented weed” similar to the line “to keep invention in a noted weed” in Sonnet 76), while others attribute it to Edward de Vere, the 17th Earl of Oxford (“My Mind To Me A Kingdom Is” is a poem attributed to Sir Edward Dyer that some believe was written by de Vere). Oxford is often cited by the sacrilegious as the man who really wrote the plays and poems of Shakespeare. However due to this sonnet’s many imperfections of meter and rhyme most authorities now believe a lesser poet wrote the poem. Some even suspect that I may have had something to do with it ツ

And yes, I am an Oxfordian having a little fun with the authorship question.

This story was written for the Friday Fictioneers, a group dedicated to crafting flash fiction pieces of a 100 words with the inspiration of a photo prompt. Thanks to our gifted facilitator Rochelle Wisoff-Fields and to Sarah Ann Hall for a wonderful photo prompt. You can view  stories from the rest of the Friday Fictioneers here.

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Friday Fictioneers #7 A Tribute to Jimmy

icon-grill-ted-strutz (1) Jimmy painted what lay under the surface. He saw hidden in me a woman that was still amorphous and open to the world. He said reality was as mutable as one of his paintings, that misfortune could be a catalyst instead of a curse.

Jimmy said, “Promise if anything happens to me you won’t bury yourself in a hole or a bottle again.”

After he died I spent weeks hovering over the bar of our favorite restaurant. Tonight, I gaze at the mural I painted on the barback in his honor, order an over-sized virgin margarita and join my friends at the table.


This story was written for the Friday Fictioneers, a group dedicated to crafting flash fiction pieces of a 100 words with the inspiration of a photo prompt. Thanks to our fearless leader Rochelle Wisoff-Fields and to Ted Strutz for the evocative photo of the week. You can view  stories from the rest of the Friday Fictioneers here.

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Friday Fictioneers #6 In the Alien World


In the alien world jumping from a building meant falling upward. Caught like a trembling leaf against the curved lip of the roof, only smooth rounded stone kept Jake from tumbling into the sky. Then hands gripped his leg. A fellow abductee pulled him through her window. In the gravity controlled apartment he sank to the floor, clinging to the woman until his watery insides solidified. “You do not yet have the strength to fly,” an abductor whispered in his mind. Holding the woman and thinking “To fly!” he relinquished the power to resist or found reason to stay alive. 

This story was written for the Friday Fictioneers, a group dedicated to crafting flash fiction pieces of a 100 words each with the inspiration of a photo prompt. Thanks to Rochelle Wisoff-Fields for giving our words a place to go and to Kent Bonham for the photo prompt (which I have turned upside down so don’t think he’s some crazy cock-eyed photographer). You can view more stories from the Friday Fictioneers here.

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Friday Fictioneers #5 What Good is a Book?

“The school says you can’t read classic books on tablet!” and “I loved The Little Princess!” her mother said.

Leith stabbed a finger at a dumb word on a page made of dead trees. Switching book for tablet, within minutes she was humming through not just the story of Sara Crewe but along links leading to innumerable pathways to knowledge. Still she envied those who could still hold a world, instead of infinity, in their hands.

The door cracked open, letting in her mother’s sigh. “They say you’re the most brilliant generation ever and you can’t even read a book.”

claire-fuller (1)

Copyright-Claire Fuller

This story was written for the Friday Fictioneers, a group dedicated to crafting flash fiction pieces of a 100 words each with the inspiration of a photo prompt. Thanks to Rochelle Wisoff-Fields (spelled correctly this time!) for running the group and to Claire Fuller for the photo prompt. You can view more stories from the Friday Fictioneers here.

Electronic devices mean we make less regular runs to the library in my family since we never run out of something to read (web sites! I-books!) and I do have mixed feelings about that, but this story is partly a reflection of my concern over the new federal learning standards. The Common Core curriculum is weighted toward the nonfictional end of the reading spectrum. My son attends a math, science and technology magnet school so they already have related nonfictional materials integrated throughout his courses, but even there the new standards are a concern as my son’s 7th grade English teacher related in her address to parents at open house this year.

One criticism I have found with Common Core is that the committees writing the standards did not include any K-3 educators nor did they consult with a single early childhood education association or expert. Another complaint is the heavy weight given to nonfiction materials. For instance, Common Core guidelines require that a 50/50 balance in younger years will climb to 70% nonfiction and 30% fiction by 12th grade. It is claimed that schools can squeeze the great high school classics into the diminishing wedge allotted to fictional reading material but with mandatory testing of student achievement of these standards beginning in 2014 and the fact that performance is tied to federal “Race to the Top” education money there will be great pressure on educators to teach to the test – as we experienced under “No Child Left Behind”. Obtaining the new materials required will also stress many school systems financially.

It’s a very complex subject and there are pluses and minuses but its hard to watch the pendulum swing from one extreme to another. When the oldest Millennials were kids Harry Potter ignited a whole new generation of readers, firing up the youth market. Now the experts find that we have suffered in the area of nonfictional or informational reading and so the (over) correction begins. Watching that love of reading shared by almost every Millennial I’ve known, including those in middle school today, I can’t help but worry that the younger generation will lose out as a result of this swing.

What good is a (fictional) book? At the second link above reader Jane Gangi commented:

“Adam Jones in Evoking Genocide: Scholars and Activists Describe the Works That Shaped Their Lives interviews 57 scholars of genocide and human rights activists. 74% of the texts that prompted them to care about genocide were literary or fine arts, and 26% were informational. In education, if we want students to care about anything worth caring about, it seems we need to do the reverse…”

I agree that nothing awakens empathy more than a well told story. Some suggested readings in Common Core are given as MLK’s Letter from a Burmingham Jail and the U.S. Constitution so it’s really not a bad idea to incorporate more informational reading in English classes but they also include technical manuals and some of the driest science. My son who is 12 years old already tests at a 12th grade reading level and particular favorites from the library this year were “The Maze Runner” by James Dashner, the hacker suspense books of Boingboing’s Cory Doctorow (“Little Brother” and “Homeland”) and he’s now laboriously making his way through Tolkien’s “Lord of the Rings” so I’m not worried about his love of good fiction but concerned that we might once again be regulating the joy of learning (and teaching) right out of the classroom.

How all that resulted in Leith’s story… who knows? but I just wanted to share my concerns.

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Friday Fictioneers #4 He Reminds Her What it is to be Alive

This morning tumbling from the billowing waves of the bed-sheet, a stone banded the white and blue of the ocean outside her window. She put it on the sill with the piece of sea glass discovered while folding clothes and remembered their love like it was another lifetime: how he would tuck into her hand a shell, a stone; the way he had opened her like a rose; her sorrow when currents had swept them into different lives. Now she opens the door and light breaks into a million glistening colors as she sees the honeycomb on her doorstep and knows.


Copyright-Janet Webb

The Friday Fictioneers is an online group dedicated to crafting flash fiction pieces of a 100 words each week with the inspiration of a photo prompt. Thanks to Rochelle Wisoff-Fields for running the group. If you would like to read more pieces inspired by this prompt click here.

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Friday Fictioneers #3: The Eye of Aeturnius

Anna was texting in the field when a fiery eye opened in the air nearby.

“After long ages, you have found them, Aeturnius. We will reclaim the escaped slaves tomorrow,” said the Worldgazer’s superior, still glaring through the scope.

“But they are no longer useful for slave labor,” Aeturnius hastened to explain. “They have lived so long on that fast spinning planet that their lives are to us like embers, lasting but an hour.”

The ruse worked. A crowd of reprieved slaves had gathered in the field when the eye reappeared. This time the eye smiled.


It’s Saturday so I’m a little late in putting this up. If you’re wondering how the story connects to the picture, Aeturnius will make an expedition to earth, visiting Anna and bringing this strange vehicle with him. The scope that they were using I imagine looked something like Tim Wetherell’s Clockwork Universe sculpture:


Thanks to Sandra Crook for the intriguing picture and as always to Rochelle Wiseoff Fields for running the Friday Fictioneers.

The Friday Fictioneers is an online group dedicated to crafting flash fiction pieces of a 100 words each week with the inspiration of a photo prompt. If you would like to read more pieces inspired by this prompt click on the link. 

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Friday Fictioneers #2: Thoughts of a Tree

The Friday Fictioneers is an online group dedicated to crafting flash fiction pieces of a 100 words each week with the inspiration of a photo prompt. This is my second week and this group is so supportive and easy going that you don’t even have to wait for Friday, apparently, because the photo prompt is already up. Thanks to Rochelle Wiseoff-Fields for giving our words a place to go. 

ImageFrom Scott Vanatter with permission-Copyright- Indira

Sharp beaks rip twigs from my canopy to build their home nested in the crook of a shoulder. Winds caress or brutalize my limbs, spreading my seeds which the grays bring back and tuck in my pockets or drop at my feet as they scatter through the mazework of branches when a two-legged one comes. I wonder why they climb, rough soles tearing my bark. Then they press a tender cheek to my ancient skin and worship the sky as I do. A tree cannot defend itself. That is why I spread my arms wide, opening my heart to all.

You can read flash fiction pieces from the rest of the group here

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My First Friday Fictioneers: Whose Reality?

My First Friday Fictioneers story! The object is to write a flash fiction piece using a photo prompt. It is tough staying at 100 words. This week the prompt is the suggestion “Whose Reality?” and the following picture.


During the outage a cop knocked on Colin’s door.

“Good of you to check on an old man.”

“You were seen climbing the pole, sir.” The officer wore an earpiece but his eyes were calm and fully occupied, no sign of bliss or distracted switching between inner e-space and the world. Perhaps he would understand.

“They don’t talk to their neighbors anymore or to each other, like ghosts haunting their own lives.”

The officer tapped the earpiece, his eyes glazing over. “A break-in! Stay off the pole, sir.”

Colin watched him go, his first visitor in a very long time.

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Gazing into the Quasicrystal Heavens

“She would later call it a spiritual aftershock. She looked up; she saw a complex grid in the sky. A grid of quasicrystals on the ceiling of the world, like the ceiling of the shrine of Darb-i-Iman, only deeper, only ghostlier, etched into the filling night. And at first Margaret was full of fear. She looked up into the quasicrystal heavens and was frightened that there was a pattern, there was a design governing behavior on earth. Past and present, a repeating pattern always circular, knowing no progress that does not loop back again. The heavens were a bureaucracy, cycle-bound, administering life on earth – playing fast and loose with Margaret’s red lips and tearing heart. And her head went weak.”-Ida Hattemer-Higgins, The History of History, a novel.

That’s the only astrological reference in “The History of History”, which is a brilliant and disturbing novel of a hallucinatory descent into insanity. Though it’s a reflection in the mind of a madwoman, I found this darkly beautiful quote to be quite lucid and true. We are supposed to avoid the fatalistic in modern astrology and for good reason but some days this is how it feels.

Events can seem fated when you realize that the U.S. has since its founding been threatened by a great depression whenever Uranus has cycled through the first third of Aries, or that every time it traveled between 9 and 17 degrees of Gemini we’ve been in the midst of one of those epic, era setting conflicts which may have been the only American Wars worth fighting for: the Revolution, Civil War and WWII.

So here we are, right on schedule, holding our collective breath while we edge past the point in the cycle where the cliff always crumbles away under our feet, plunging us into the depths of a great depression. I looked at the relationship between the Uranus cycle, wealth inequality, and what’s happening today as compared to previous “Great Depressions” in An Echo in the Spiral of Time.

Just as our economic crisis is in many ways an echo of the Great Depression that preceded WWII and the First Great Depression which preceded the Civil War, around twelve years from now we’ll be swept into events that will be seen as the Revolutionary/Civil War/World War II conflict of OUR time (The American Mandala). This isn’t a prophecy. These are repeating patterns which anyone can investigate for themselves. I can ignore the patterns in “the quasicrystal heavens” but I can’t deny they exist because the adults whose lives will be most affected by this whirlwind of conflict and change are the kids we’re raising today. How these events play out will be determined to a very large extent by how we handle the current crisis.

I’ll give an example, after the Great Depression the economy reset earlier than in the previous two cycles. The height of wealth inequality peaked in 1928, which was the year Uranus crossed into the 1st degree of Aries. After this we saw a wealth leveling effect brought on by the Wall Street Crash and Great Depression. The efforts the government took to stabilize the economy created a trend of increasing equality of wealth which lasted until 1969 when Uranus hit the opposite point in the circle, moving into the 1st degree of Libra. In this year the trend of wealth equalization ended and within a few years it began to reverse. We hit the next highest peak in wealth inequality in 2011 when Uranus again hit the 1st degree of Aries, for the first time surpassing the previous high reached in 1928. One difference between then and now is that we have successfully (so far) avoided a full blown depression but this also means that the wealth leveling effect has not yet kicked in.

This is important to consider because not only did the wealth leveling effect kick in early in the preWWII era, but this was only time that the country remained internally peaceful through a crises era. The threat of revolution or civil war – always a concern in trying times – was in fact minimal that time around. The citizens of the country really did pull together instead of pulling apart, and the war itself was fought overseas and not in our fields and streets and forests as happened during the Revolution and the Civil War. The upswing into the era of increased equality after the war was easier after WWII than it was after the Civil War, with its late, weak and foreshortened wealth leveling effect. The best thing we can do today to help the situation 12 years from now is to consciously and equitably reset the economic system.

We’re looking at Uranus but Neptune switches sides every time and Pluto also follows a repeating pattern. Since Uranus, Neptune and Pluto maintain a 6:3:2 ratio, every 500 years or so they wind up in almost the same position which is a Phoenix Cycle. This means the next climax will also share similarities with the Euro and English Reformation. A climactic conflict can include an external war (like WWII) or it can be an internal war (Revolution and Civil War) but sometimes the changes can happen without a war (like in the time of the Reformation). The climactic conflict is a point where there is a great impetus for change and maybe even an evolutionary pressure to bring it about. It’s always a conflict but it doesn’t have to be a war.

For anyone seriously studying these cycles there comes a time when you feel like Margaret peering into the quasicrystal heavens. I get the same sense from the Flammarion picture of the medieval astronomer/astrologer piercing the veil of the starry night to discover the secret workings of the universe, shown as strange wheel-like mechanisms rolling in celestial grooves. Both convey awe and a sublime sense of transcendence, though for Margaret the heavens are icily cold and oppressive, almost fascist, in their rigid rule, while Flammarian’s explorer of the cosmos seems boldly curious and fascinated by his wondrous discoveries.


It’s really not information for the weak minded or the fainthearted. In fact it can be a kind of wormhole where you emerge in a very different place from where you began. If you have ever deprogrammed yourself of a religion or ideology, or reached the point of divorcing someone you once loved or even went through a period of great personal change, you know it’s a journey that invokes many emotions ranging from denial, panic, terror, anger, sorrow and helplessness to the reawakening of joy and excitement and a feeling of renewal as you’re swept along by tidal forces that you can not fully control. The journey can be painful but it always ends in greater freedom, wisdom or self awareness and being armed with knowledge is always better than being blind-sided.

To return to the question of fate, great events can feel predestined when efforts to solve or avoid the conflict have repeatedly failed. Most often what we call fate are circumstances that we either created or constrained by our response to the situation. When I feel fatalistic I remind myself of the times when I kept having the same problem. Eventually you try a different response and the problem is solved, lessened or becomes a point of strength for you. It’s empowering to know that you can change or transform your own future and this is true not only for individuals, it’s true for countries too.

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Cut and Paste Characters for Astrological Symbols

It took me forever to find a sextile today. This inspired me to put together a list of some of the most commonly used astrology symbols. Whether you need a degree symbol or Sagittarius or a Sextile, you can just cut and paste. ツ

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New Book “URANU.S.A” By Nick Dagan Best Due Feb. 11

Must read! Congrats on your publication. It looks both informative and fun. I study these cycles myself so I’m serious when I say that I can’t wait to read it.

Nick Dagan Best

Update: The book is not quite ready, the process of converting all the images and text into both print and digital formats takes more time than I anticipated, being a first-time self-publisher. I am very excited to deliver it to my throngs of anxious eager readers, your patience will be rewarded.


My new (and first) book, URANU.S.A., will be published on February 11th, and must be among the top three finest non-fiction graphic novels on American history ever written by a Canadian astrologer, if I do say so myself.

URANU.S.A. covers the three periods in American history that coincide with the seven-year passage of the planet Uranus through tropical Gemini, which occurs once every eighty-four years. These periods happen to include the American Revolution, the American Civil War, and U.S. participation in World War II.

The book examines the story and astrology behind crucial events and the lives of…

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Man in the Woods at Sandy Hook, Owner of the Black Honda and Other Anomalies

A month has passed since the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School. After all the reporting and misreporting many of the original discrepancies remain. In some instances corrections were spread in the press, but left many wondering: How did they get that one so wrong in the first place? On other points a possible solution to a discrepancy has come to light that has not been covered by the mass media. The public has been left to find their own way out of the woods. read more…

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Great editorial from Jon Rappaport

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My Wish 4U this Season

The year was difficult, devastating in its own way for family members but also for my home state of CT. So you will understand if instead of bright and cheery greetings from the shore of the Mystical Sea, this year I am wishing for everyone a season of safety and solace. I hope you find real comfort in the traditions of your holiday and no matter what religion you are or whether you have any, remember to reach out and hug all the angels that you know, even the devilish too big to hold twelve year olds (for me that means my son).

Love and comfort to the families of Sandy Hook.

I didn’t find a holiday image I liked but these are my favorite guardian angel wings (and those are never out of season):

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Man in the Woods at Sandy Hook, Solved?

For an update see here

As a parent volunteer on a field trip with my son's middle school on Friday, about 45 minutes from Newtown, the news of this horrifying attack hit close to home. Around lunchtime I heard about a school shooting in Wilton CT. In fact that morning it was reported that a teacher was killed by her husband in Wilton CT but this was unrelated to the Sandy Hook shootings. It wasn't until the return trip, when the bus driver quietly shared what she had heard about the killings, that we recieved accurate information about the mass shooting in Newtown.  Listening to the news after I returned home the story only grew more confused. Three days later the only fact that has not been contradicted was the basic information relayed by the bus driver at a little after 1 pm on Friday: 27 killed at a Newtown elementary school (if you exclude the shooter, Adam Lanza, from the count). read more…

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The Most Astounding Fact – Neil deGrasse Tyson

The Evolution of Eloquence

This video was just amazing it hits me every time I listen to this.

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An Echo in the Spiral of Time


Sometimes history repeats itself like an echo resounding through the spiral of time. We are living in the midst of such an echo right now. Since key points and particulars in U.S. history follow predictable patterns, these repetitions in history can be measured. You just need to find the right ruler. We’ll use the old, traditional way of tracking time, the night sky, but instead of the familiar rhythms of sun and moon we’ll look to a planet spinning in the far reaches of the galaxy. Uranus makes an unwieldy clock, taking just over 84 of our years to come full circle, but it does closely track the arc of U.S historical cycles.

Take the U.S. wealth inequality gap for instance. read more…

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The *Spectacular* Fail of Congress

No one polled the citizens of the 1850s to ask what they thought of Congress, but they couldn’t have scored their compromisers on Capitol Hill much lower than we rate the Senate and House of Representatives today. I say that because in February 2012 only one person in ten approved of Congress. In fact, our compromised Capitol probably hasn’t reached the high level marks of incompetence and corruption set by the worst of their predecessors. But they will, if previous cycles are anything to go by. Capitol Hill may keep us astounded and on the edge of our seats with a spectacular record of failure, each peak of unpopularity exceeding the last for a good part of the next 20 years read more…

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Why We Should Elect Ron Paul (Because Boomers Make the Worst Presidents)

The title of this post is a deliberate provocation but it’s not just personal opinion or a belated bout of Xer vs Boomer bashing. As far as “sign bashing” the Leo ruled Boomers, the signs are like colors to me. How can you dislike the lovely range of the blues or the greens, the delicacy of pale pink through to the darkest, most dramatic red? Yellow, black, purple, brown…all have their place in the spectrum. When it comes to signs, like colors, I don’t show the prejudice of favoritism.

So let’s look at the data that set me holding up a cross to ward off the current crop of Republican candidates (excepting Ron Paul of course). My starting point was the Wikipedia page that shows the aggregate rankings of the Presidents.

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The Astrology of Boomers, Xers and Millennials

The following chart compares the more recent generations of William Strauss and Neil Howe, authors of “Generations” and “The Fourth Turning”, with the breakdown of astrological generations that E. Alan Meece mapped out in “Horoscope for the New Millennium”. Meece looks at this territory through the lens of astrology, while Strauss and Howe made their determination by examining demographics and sociological trends, but the two systems can work hand in hand together.

This chart tells me I am the technopunk Mom of a flame thrower. Who are you?
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You Cant Blame the Chronocrators…

You can’t blame the Chronocrators, though they may have had a little something to do with the wars of the last decade.

Jupiter and Saturn are the two planets that the ancients called “The Great Chronocrators” because they, individually and together, were an invaluable resource in tracking longer term cycles of time. Jupiter cycles run approximately 12 years and Saturn close to 30, and they meet together in conjunction every 20 years.  

As the astrologer Richard Nolle explains it:

…Every 40th conjunction – roughly once every 800 years – brings the alignment back to within about 1 degree of its starting place: this approximate 800 year cycle is termed the second order recurrence, astrologically known as the Great Mutation cycle.

The specific datings of the Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions are available at the link above. The graph which I created from the data shows the Great Mutation cycle stretching back over 1200 years. read more…

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Did John Dee Design the Newport Tower?

Jim Egan, proprietor of the Newport Tower Museum, believes he has solved the historical mystery of who built the mysterious medieval tower in Newport RI. Would you believe its designer may be none other than John Dee, mage extraordinaire of Queen Elizabeth the 1st ?

photo credit Jim Egan
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Saturn, the Mayan Age and Mystic Numbers

25,920 is the *star* of the mystic number system and is not far off the 25,770 years it takes for the Precession of the Equinoxes to swing 360 degrees and therefore come full circle in the zodiac. You can think of 25,920, that number so well loved by the ancients, as the mystic number equivalent for the precessional cycle. We’ll use the term Platonic numbers when referring to the mystic number system. If we divide the mystical number of precession by 5, we get five Platonic Ages of 5184 years each.

The Mayan Age of 5,125 years, which is said to culminate in 2012, is approximately one-fifth of the precessional cycle and could be considered the native New World equivalent to 5,184 in the Old World mystic number system. A 59 year difference might seem far off the mark or unsurprisingly close since both Mayans and Old World astronomers were calculating vast measures of precession in a pre-technological age, but I see the difference as evidence of a deep correspondence between the Mayan and Mystic worldviews. read more…

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If You Were Born Between 1976 and 1988 You May Be a Revolutionary…

If you were born between 1976 and 1988 you may be a revolutionary.

From “Generations” by cycle theorists William Strauss and Neil Howe:

“During the THIRTEEN YEARS from 1809 to 1821 were born the vast majority of the best-known reformers, abolitionists, feminists, self-proclaimed prophets, and commune-founders of the 19th century– and nearly two-thirds of the Congress in session (plus the President and Vice-President) at the outbreak of the Civil War.” 

How does this factoid relate to our revolutionary forefathers and to those whose ages span the mid twenties to mid thirties today?  read more…

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The Magic Box of Judas

jesusjudas2The savior of the Gospel of Judas is not a Jesus you’d want to meet in some dark alley at the end of days. This trickster Christ who arranges his own death and laughs at the destined destruction of the universe is more a dark lord messing with the mortals than a messiah.

Yet this pseudo-gospel, possibly the same one denounced by Irenaeus in the late second century AD, is a true Gnostic treasure, hiding a divine spark of wisdom within. The ancient author of this work offers up a magic box filled with the mystical numbers of precession and more. The more that I’m talking about is a nested surprise which I found wondrous, but was this gift deliberately included or just an artifact of production? read more…

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An American Mandala

“If we could first know where we are, and whither we are tending, we could better judge what to do, and how to do it.”

Abraham Lincoln, June 16 1858, “House Divided” Speech

America’s most crucial wars were written in the stars. A true disbeliever might want to prepare himself with the mantra, “This synchronicity is just a coincidence,” because the Revolution, Civil and Second World Wars were described in celestial patterns so precise it could whirl a debunker into a wormhole of cognitive dissonance.

The orbits of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto approximate a 3:2:1 ratio so it’s no surprise to find that their cycles are roughly synchronized, but were our three great, era-changing wars timed by the same cosmic clock? The chart below shows the positions of the outer planets from fight to finish during those wars which inarguably, I think, shaped and defined our nation. If you can overlook my lame attempt at computer graphics, this data creates a beautifully aligned template, an American mandala. read more…

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