You Cant Blame the Chronocrators…

You can’t blame the Chronocrators, though they may have had a little something to do with the wars of the last decade.

Jupiter and Saturn are the two planets that the ancients called “The Great Chronocrators” because they, individually and together, were an invaluable resource in tracking longer term cycles of time. Jupiter cycles run approximately 12 years and Saturn close to 30, and they meet together in conjunction every 20 years.  

As the astrologer Richard Nolle explains it:

…Every 40th conjunction – roughly once every 800 years – brings the alignment back to within about 1 degree of its starting place: this approximate 800 year cycle is termed the second order recurrence, astrologically known as the Great Mutation cycle.

The specific datings of the Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions are available at the link above. The graph which I created from the data shows the Great Mutation cycle stretching back over 1200 years.

You can see the great mutation cycle that Richard Nolle mentioned by the long same color stretches which repeat in periods of approximately 800 years. Right before the Chronocrators leave an element there is a harbinger conjunction in a sign of the upcoming element and then the Chronocrators meet up one last time in the old element before moving on to what’s fresh again.  The conjunction in the year 2000 was the final conjunction of the Chronocrators in the earth series. As Richard Nolle pointed out, “For millennia, the alignment of these two planets has been regarded as a significator of great social, economic and political watersheds – historic turning points, if you will.” This is all the more true when the planets are changing elements, it seems.

Counting back from 2000, 1206 AD was the last we time we saw a final conjunction in the earth element of Taurus. The 2020 conjunction in Aquarius will see us settling into a series of Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions in air signs, reminiscent of the 1226 conjunction in Aquarius, which also set off a round of conjunctions in the element of air.  So 2000 to 2020 should be in some ways analogous to the years 1206 through 1226 (which is rounded off to 1200 in the chart).  

1206 is listed as the year when a leader named Temujin finally united the Mongols under his leadership and took the name of Genghis Khan. He conquered China by 1215 and assimilated their considerable technology. The Muslim world had hit a high note around the end of the 12th century, regaining Jerusalem from the crusaders and controlling great swaths of territory that extended from India to the Iberian Peninsula but in 1212 the Spanish retook Leon and Castile and in 1218 Genghis Kahn and the Persian leader Alauddin went to war. Within 3 years, Persia, Afghanistan, Western Pakistan and the rest of the ‘stans had been decimated and the Mongols were threatening West Asia and Central Europe. In the end Genghis Kahn conquered lands ranging from the Pacific to the Danube. This was a terror unparalleled in history for sheer scale, speed and savagery. One medieval commentator claimed that only 1 man in 100 survived the assault of the golden horde. Genghis Kahn’s destructive path through history ended with his death in 1227 but his legacy would live on (quite literally since as many as 17 million men in central Asia are said to share a Y DNA signature that has been linked to his lineage).

How do the years from 2000 on parallel the 1206 through 1226 time period? The area of Afghanistan and Western Pakistan has once again been devastated, not by a marauding Mongol force from the east but due to an invasive war perpetrated by the West, an onslaught that was colored with many topical references to crusades and crusader knights. Alauddin’s main enemy before he fell afoul of Genghis Kahn was the ruler of Baghdad; Iraq, his ancient enemy, has also suffered great destruction by Western hands in the past decade. The Judao-Christian drums of war are beating for Iran, which Alauddin ruled back when it was referred to as Persia. China, first conquest of Genghis Kahn, is a trading partner of Iran and may become involved militarily if the western world is successful in their efforts to incite war with the modern-day rulers of Persia. Russia, whose eastern provinces border on and are tied in with the history of Mongolia, is bound by treaty to defend Iran. Israel may be seen as an integral inspiration for all of these wars. The time of the Mongol invasion was a pivotal time in Jewish history, a period of great displacement within the disaspora as the eastern Jews were migrating west to escape the Mongol invaders while western Jews were migrating East to escape the intolerance of the crusader nations and this east meets west line of confluence is an important part of the Ashkenazic heritage. The Ashkenazim were settling in Palestine both before and after the post WWII British mandate that established Israel as a state and Israel is today largely populated and governed by the majority group of Ashkenazic Jews. The Israelis and their supporters claim intervention in Iran is necessary to prevent them from attaining nuclear weapons. The U.S.S.R and its satellite nations once included all the northern lands conquered by Ghenghis Kahn, and this super nation on steroids finally crumbled financially due to the nuclear arms race and a decade long quagmire in its own Afghanistan war. We supplied those Afghani freedom fighters in a proxy war designed to bring about that very outcome, inspired perhaps by the recognition that the back of the great Empire of Britain had also been broken in a decade long quagmire in Afghanistan. So now we fight the children and grandchildren of those Afghanis in a decade long quagmire of our own making. On a personal note, as someone who opposed all the wars of the past decade from the outset, I have to say: The way out is not through Iran.  There’s no way out of the karma we’ve created but going into Iran will only seal a certain kind of fate we’re making for ourselves.

The turmoil and devastation of the past decade can only be compared to that nadir in history when Genghis Kahn visited destruction on the same area that we in the West are attempting to decimate today. It’s like looking at the same scene through a kaleidoscope: the colors are the same, the patterns have changed.

Was this what Nostradamus, the astrologer, was looking at when he penned in Century 10, Quatrain 72:

L’an mil neuf cens nonante neuf sept mois,
Du ciel viendra vn grand Roy d’effrayeur:
le grand Roy d’Angolmois,
Auant apres Mars regner par bon-heur.

In the year 1999 and seven months
The Great King of Terror will come from the sky,
He will bring back to life the great king of the Mongols
Before and after the God of war reigns happily.

I believe this to be a calculated guess on the part of Nostradamus based on what happened the last time the Great Chronocrators met up for a final time in Taurus. If he was expecting a revival of the Mongol spirit of conquest near the second millenium, the return of a Genghis Kahn like figure, he may have been slightly off in his calculations.  So his literal prediction was wrong, but have we seen the same kind of devastation arise in what is majorly the same area of the earth that Genghis at that time terrorized? Yes. And did this horror happen quickly and unpredictably? Absolutely. No one could have predicted the catastrophic changes that would ensue, not in 1206 or in 2000. Do I believe the sensationalizing of Nostradamus quatrains led to the unconscious programming of a belief in a third World War involving Iran and China and for “the long war” (reminiscent of the 27 year war predicted by Nostradamus) that elements of our government seem so determined to bring about? I do believe that’s true in part. When you add millenial expectations inspired by misreadings of the Bible and Strauss and Howe theory, this is what you get. Is the new crusaders’ longed for, dreaded war written in the stars? No, it wasn’t. We are looking at permutations of patterns here, the working out of a complex system. We can’t accuse Nostradamus or bible misreadings or shallow and superficial understandings of Strauss and Howe theory for what’s happened. And we can’t blame Jupiter or Saturn, not the old gods nor the planets. As the astrological wisdom tells us: the planets impel, but they don’t compel. What patterns we make out of the kaleidoscopic bits and pieces we’re given is entirely up to us.

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