Man in the Woods at Sandy Hook, Solved?

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As a parent volunteer on a field trip with my son's middle school on Friday, about 45 minutes from Newtown, the news of this horrifying attack hit close to home. Around lunchtime I heard about a school shooting in Wilton CT. In fact that morning it was reported that a teacher was killed by her husband in Wilton CT but this was unrelated to the Sandy Hook shootings. It wasn't until the return trip, when the bus driver quietly shared what she had heard about the killings, that we recieved accurate information about the mass shooting in Newtown.  Listening to the news after I returned home the story only grew more confused. Three days later the only fact that has not been contradicted was the basic information relayed by the bus driver at a little after 1 pm on Friday: 27 killed at a Newtown elementary school (if you exclude the shooter, Adam Lanza, from the count).

Beyond the devastating events of that day, the misinformation in the mass media was truly concerning. One bit of disinfo that particularly troubled me was the news of a second shooter reported by Yahoo and ABC News. There was also video of a student who saw a “victim” laying on the ground in handcuffs in front of the fire department and an onlooker who saw a man wearing a dark jacket, camo pants and handcuffs being placed in the back of a squad car by police. Yet there were no follow ups to these reports.  This is troubling to many because in recent highly publicized mass killings, witness claims of another perpetrator (Aurora Theater massacre) or four (Sikh Temple shootings) were ignored after initial reports in the mass media.

In the case of Sandy Hook, however, an alternative news researcher may have pointed the way toward a solution in the mystery of a possible second (or third) “shooter”.

Mystery Man in Woods Handcuffed by Newtown Police: SOLVED

This video was put together by Sheilaalien and posted on her youtube channel. It contains the onlooker’s report of seeing a man in a dark jacket, camo pants and handcuffs who is walked out of the woods by police and placed in the back of the squad car. Included is a snippet of police audio in which an officer is heard to say, “That’s the one that you and I secured. Last name Manfredonia, first Christopher.” When Sheilaalien ran a search for this name in conjunction with Sandy Hook, she pulled up a Los Angeles Times article entitled “Gunman kills 20 kids, 6 adults at Connecticut Elementary School” which reported that Chris Manfredonia was briefly handcuffed by police after running around the school in an attempt to rescue his daughter. The child was later found safe, locked in a small room with a teacher.

I first came across this video on Idaho Picker’s Youtube channel. This researcher believes that there were three shooters based on his examination of the police audio recordings uploaded by Sheilaalien. 48 seconds into the police audio an officer says “I have reports that the teacher saw two shadows running past the building, past the gym…” which he explained was “around back.” At 59 seconds he comes out with this adrenaline rushed outburst:  “Yeah we got em. They’re coming at me!”

I’m not sure this necessarily indicates that he saw a second person. He could have seen Manfredonia and assumed the other “shadow” was close behind or maybe he was just careless with tenses. “We got em” and “They are coming…” could as easily refer to a single person. Think how he might answer if you asked him: Where is the perpetrator? A response of “They are coming toward me” would not be grammatically correct but it is common if you think about patterns of speech.

Around 1:34 the officer announces “I got him proned out” as officers continue to sweep the grounds for suspects. Later one cop asks over the radio if another cop is aware that they may have a second unit and the cop he’s speaking to asks for a description. The response is garbled but clearly they are still looking for the “second shadow”.  What’s not clear is whether they ever found him. It would be interesting if anyone interviews Manfredonia to find out if he saw any other parents driven by that same impulse to rescue their child. That could easily be the explanation for the second shadow glimpsed by the teacher. Alternately they may have held him prone at the fire department and then walked him over to the police car on what was presumably school property. Overall, it seems likely at this point that there were no other shooters, just frightened parents, unlike the clear accounts of accomplices in Aurora and the Sikh temple shootings.

By some reports, the confusion of guns in this case has been resolved as well. After repeatedly hearing that Lanza carried Glock and Sig Hauer handguns in the school and watching the video of a rifle retrieved by police from the trunk of the mother’s car, it has been confirmed that Lanza also carried a Bushmaster .223 rifle with him.  This official claim is backed up by the on the spot police audio linked above: “We do have multiple weapons, including one rifle and shotgun.”

As the police work through the forensic examination, perhaps the major media should conduct a forensic investigation of their own to figure out how they got so much so wrong. Conspiracy theories are not usually spun from the filaments of public imagination. In most cases they are based off of actual, though often obscure, reports in the major media. For as long as the mass media refuses to follow up on the discrepancies in its own reporting as in the Aurora massacre and the Sikh temple shooting, leaving the alternative press with no choice but to investigate, there will be conspiracy theories. Some of those conspiracy theories are undeniably conspiracy fact.

Praying for the children and families of Sandy Hook this season.

Update 1/16/13
I have a link to a more recent article up top, but in the interests of making sure that everyone is receiving accurate information I would like to add here that one of the commenters drew my attention to an obscure report.

“Police Union Seeks Funding For Trauma Treatment,”
was published in the Newtown Bee on 12/27. Included at the end is a list of updates in the ongoing investigation. The last one reads as follows:

A man with a gun who was spotted in the woods near the school on the day of the incident was an off-duty tactical squad police officer from another town, according to the source.

The information was attributed to “a reliable local law enforcement source.” The only links that mention this information all refer back to the original Newtown Bee article. According to this local paper there was an out of town, off duty tactical officer (think SWAT team member) in the woods with a gun that day. It is possible that he was the man being chased through the woods in the aerial footage, the man whose rifle officers are seen retrieving, and maybe even the camo pants guy who was walked out of the woods and placed in a squad car, the one who said to parents, “I didn’t do it.” It is possible, but is it true?

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17 Responses to Man in the Woods at Sandy Hook, Solved?

  1. jj says:

    SO do most parents looking for there kid were ammo pants and a flack vest and a ski mask aslo how did any parent know to arrive with in about a a minut or two of the first responders arrive?

    come one now get friggen real. neither of the 4 guys arrested and confirmed a few ways over ways including video of some being arrested and the radio tapes from that day all confirm more then one person was taken in and all has ski masks the police tapes even confirm they found the VAN with nj plates FN568F seen speeding off from the school as the first responders were arriving. When the pulled over the van they radio in to dispatch that the driver was a male in a nuns outfit and the passenger had ski mask. also a few mins before that an officer palin radioed in to dispatch he had car pulled over at Broadway and brewin s in danburry with PA plates. YPW-400) and that the driver i wearing a ski mask. And they took him in to custody to. This is about 1 hr and 23 mins in to the police radio tapes or the day. and stuff about the purple van and the nun guy van is 1hr 40 mins in. and dont forget the first 911 calls said 4 or 5 guys got in by being dressed as a group of nus then started shooting people. and was what was first reported in the news that day in the early hours. and BEFORE the ops pulled over the van. and NJ state police also confirmed tot he associated press that they pulled over a van and the occupant a 20 yr old male had 2 hand guns and a .223 rifle with him and they arrested him and video was shown of the NJ state police out side the guys house with yellow tape searching his home and it was NOT! lanzas brothers house either. he lived in a brick apartment building NOT a big yellow house in the suburbs.

  2. Mystikel says:

    Thanks for the information jj. I had read this article which shares your concerns:

    With your info, I was able to confirm and listen to some of the police audio about the nuns. I am not sure what to make of it other than the fact that it is deeply creepy. I’ll keep an ear out for more info and maybe other readers will have more to add.

    Speaking of the arrest at the school, the man brought out of the woods in camo pants and black jacket did not have a mask and was likely to have been Chris Manfredonia, a father who was there for a holiday event at his daughter’s class. He ran around the outside of the school trying to find a way in to rescue his daughter and was arrested. I know a few dads who would wear camo pants to school but I have not seen a confirmation of what Manfredonia was wearing.

    Like the nuns, the Manfredonia story is a good example of how the media doesn’t follow up on their own stories. As people are investigating, please leave any links you feel should be included.

  3. Ken says:

    Manfredonia was NOT the guy running from the police in the woods.

    Manfredonia was “proned” out in the PARKING LOT. He said he was going into the school to make a gingerbread house with his daughters’ class.

    Chris Manfredonia and the Camo Pants Man police caught in the woods, are two different people. Please see this link for more info: [link to]

    We need to out the psychopaths who would slaughter little children to try to take our guns.

  4. Ken says:


    I listened to the Audio at 1:23 and after. I never heard anything about police pulling over the van with guys in ski masks with the 223 and other guns.

    Can you be more specific because this is huge.

  5. Mystikel says:

    Ken, Brendan Hunt included a link and paragraph about this in his Christmas eve update. He found it at 1:35:07, which was the part I heard as well.

  6. alan alda's sleeve says:

    The man in the woods was definitely not parent Chris Manfredonia. The local Newtown Bee reported Dec 27 that he was “an off-duty tactical squad police officer from another town”.

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  8. Doc says:

    There were up to 4 shooters, including Lanza as he was the one that was described as dead. There was one that was proned on the ground outside of the school. That may or may not have been Manfredonia. There were two (2) men seen running by the school and into the woods wearing the exact same thing as Lanza was reported to wear, camo pants and a black shirt. One of the men that was arrested was put into the front of the car. This is special treatment seemingly out of place for a spree shooting. To date, there is no explanation for these additional shooters. However, don’t be surprised. This is the standere thing for these types of events. Witnesses always report mutliple shooters and then the official story comes roaring in ant we’re supposed to believe it was just a lone nut gunman.

  9. Mystikel says:

    Hi Doc. The off duty, out of town tactical officer who the Newtown Bee said had a gun in the woods and Manfredonia, the father of a student, were both said to be cuffed that day.The figure with the gun in the woods could be the guy placed in the front seat of the squad car. Manfredonia may be the man who was proned out by police in front of the fire station. I only find evidence for these two people being handcuffed and detained on scene. This doesn’t confirm or deny any of the other issues swirling around. Just saying you can possibly place this puzzle piece here and that one there, really. Witnesses to the Sikh Temple shooting publicly confirmed they saw 4 shooters. At Sandy Hook we have massive misreporting in the media, a few corrections and not enough info to get a clear picture yet, IMHO. Feel free to add any links you feel strongly represent the multiple shooter issue.

    Also thanks to Alan Alda’s Sleeve and I have added that info above.

  10. Hildegarde says:

    Hi there, I want to subscribe for this blog to take most recent updates,
    therefore where can i do it please help.

  11. alan alda's sleeve says:

    I want to follow up on the man in the woods. Since posting, I spoke personally with Chris Manfredonia, and he confirmed to me he was never in the woods that day, was not wearing camo pants, and was never placed in a police car. The LA Times article is an accurate account from a phone interview with Chris and his wife.

  12. Mystikel says:

    Thanks so much for the follow up. Did Chris Manfredonia happen to mention whether the police had him proned out on the pavement near the fire station? The man proned out in front of the fire station was reported by a student at the link in the second paragraph.

    Also Hildegarde, thank you for your interest. I signed up for a feed which is currently not working so I will try it again and post the result here.

  13. Anonymous says:

    I have been following the “camo”man posts. Very interesting. At a meeting I heard a man say that he knows for a fact that not all the stories of the witnesses have been made public. He said that one witness he knows is sure that the shots could not have come from one shooter.

  14. alan alda's sleeve says:

    Chris Manfredonia did not mention being “proned out on the pavement” by police. He told me he was found by first responders at the back of the school building as he was trying to find a way in, then he was detained and questioned for about 10 minutes while the police confirmed his identity, then he was let go to join the other parents at the firehouse.

  15. Zephyr says:

    No need for Mr. M. to mention it, since police did.

  16. Zephyr says:

    If anyone would like to listen to the audio, it’s archived here:

    Lots to wade through there; but there’s a thorough transcript of the first couple hours of Newtown Police transmissions, and a little bit (in a second column) from the state police. All audio is available for download.

  17. Anonymous says:

    audio gone

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