Man in the Woods at Sandy Hook, Owner of the Black Honda and Other Anomalies

A month has passed since the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School. After all the reporting and misreporting many of the original discrepancies remain. In some instances corrections were spread in the press, but left many wondering: How did they get that one so wrong in the first place? On other points a possible solution to a discrepancy has come to light that has not been covered by the mass media. The public has been left to find their own way out of the woods.

Mistakes were made by alternative researchers as great as the errors made by the professionals. The name of Christopher Rodia was spelled over the police audio in close proximity to the plate number of the suspect black Honda, leading many to believe that Rodia was the owner of the vehicle Adam Lanza drove to the school. I count myself among this number, having reblogged an article from another site when the news was breaking. Since I didn’t have time to monitor the information over the holiday I pulled it down after about 24 hours. In this instance I, like many others out there, learned an important lesson about responsible journalism. All apologies to the person whose name was caught up in this story. But did the professionals who should have known better learn the same lesson? While the public understands that in the rush to report a breaking story mistakes can be made, some of these errors strain credibility. Who can forget the breathless reports that “shooter Ryan Lanza is dead, younger brother Adam was taken out of the woods and is now in police custody and the body of their father was found in an apartment in New Jersey..”

How did Ryan’s name get mixed up in the investigation? While some outlets reported that Adam had his brother’s license, there has been no official confirmation of that fact by police. In the Above Top Secret thread “Proof 2 Guns Found in Black Honda at Sandy Hook Elementary School” posters were wondering why the search affidavits listed Nancy Lanza as the owner of the BMW in the garage at the house on Yogananda Street but did not list her as the owner of the infamous black Honda that Adam drove to the school that day, a car that the press repeatedly said belonged to his mother. Then on December 27th, in clearing the name of Christopher Rodia, LT. Vance released the information that the car “…belongs to a relative of Lanza’s.”

In other words, the suspect vehicle was not registered to Nancy or Adam. Some posters at ATS realized that it was possible that the black Honda was registered in the name of Ryan Lanza. It’s certainly conceivable that a name linked to a license plate could be mistaken for a name on a license. This would account for why Ryan was so suddenly named as the shooter by the mass media in the confusing aftermath of the attack. Ryan speculated that his brother may have had his license and that’s what the press later said, Adam had Ryan’s license, but they said all manner of things that later proved untrue that day. The game of telephone they were playing does not lend itself to accurate reporting. As far as the media reports that the brother was taken into custody at the scene, we can surmise that someone heard that the police were talking to a surviving Lanza brother and connected it with the man led out of the woods. But how did the mistaken story that their father lay dead in a NJ apartment make it’s way into media reports? Don’t expect an explanation or much in the way of a mea culpa from the MSM.

The press seemed reluctant to let go of certain inaccuracies. A day after the shooting, a NY Post article described how Adam Lanza, “dressed in black and wearing a bullet-proof vest — opened fire in two classrooms at around 9:30 am.”  CNN’s report on the fifteenth that that he wore “black fatigues and a military vest” changed the next day to “black battle fatigues and a military vest.” Not to pick on these two outlets. This was what they were all reporting.

By the seventeenth, The Star Advertiser understood that “Lanza was wearing all black, with an olive utility vest, during the attack.”
Yet the story of the bullet proof or military vest persisted. A article in the U.S. News and World Report on the 20th seemed to have switched horses in midstream. It was titled “The Other Loophole: Bulletproof Armor” and the subtitle read, ” Both the Newtown and Aurora shooters wore armor that stops police bullets.” Yet if you read the body of the story, “Adam Lanza wore a utility vest as he opened fire at Sandy Hook Elementary School.” On December 27th LT. Vance addressed this discrepancy as well. “It was a fishing type vest, a jacket with a lot of pockets.”

In “Man in the Woods at Sandy Hook, Solved? I covered the fact that some independent investigators had pointed the way toward a possible solution to the “second gunman in custody” stories that were initially reported by the media. At the time, a single Los Angeles Times article (and some independent investigators) reported that parent Chris Manfredonia was briefly handcuffed by police after running around the school in an attempt to rescue his daughter. Many in the alternative news community believe that the man in the camo pants who was walked out of the woods and placed into a squad car was a different person altogether.

Well, apparently he was someone else. A commenter on “Man in the Woods at Sandy Hook, Solved?” drew my attention to an obscure report that has not been investigated in the mass media. The Newtown Bee article
“Police Union Seeks Funding For Trauma Treatment”
was published on 12/27. This was the day that LT Vance was clearing up discrepancies remember, the same day he clarified that Adam Lanza was wearing a fishing vest and that the black Honda was owned by a member of the Lanza family. In keeping with efforts to clear up questions that day, at the end of the Newtown Bee article there was a list of updates in the ongoing investigation. The information was attributed to, wait for it, “a reliable local law enforcement source.” Pay attention to the last item on the list.

A man with a gun who was spotted in the woods near the school on the day of the incident was an off-duty tactical squad police officer from another town, according to the source.

Make of this what you will. The only links that mention this information all refer back to the original Newtown Bee article. According to this local paper there was an out of town, off duty tactical officer (think SWAT team member) in the woods with a gun that day. He would be a candidate for the man who was chased through the woods in the aerial footage, the man whose rifle officers are seen retrieving, and maybe even the man in the camo pants who is walked out of the woods and placed in squad car, the one who said to parents as he walked past, “I didn’t do it.” It is possible, but is it true?

A month after the shootings in Newtown, and we are still trying to find our way out of the woods at Sandy Hook.

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2 Responses to Man in the Woods at Sandy Hook, Owner of the Black Honda and Other Anomalies

  1. Doc says:

    The car is indeed allegedly registered to Christopher A. Rodia. The scanner was real clear on that, the officer spoke the tag, another officer responded with the name Rodia, Christopher A. Now, debunkers have created this strange story of crossing signals or something and that the name is not connected. However, that’s not true at all. Police do this all the time and there is no chance of the scanners being crossed or what not. Also, please keep in mind the police have never stated to the best of my knowledge that the car belonged to the mother. It was the media who reported that it was Nancy Lanza’s mother.

  2. Mystikel says:

    On the 27th Vance stated that the black Honda belonged to a relative of Lanza’s and also confirmed that Rodia was not involved. The police tape covered multiple towns, as far away as Greenwich near the border with NY which is where Rodia was pulled over. The link in the third paragraph has that info.

    Here is a link to a debunking of the claim @ the alternative news site Before It’s News, including copies of documents that show what cars are actually registered to Rodia and another person at his address. No black Hondas.

    So many questions remain, I agree. I just feel the Rodia issue is sufficiently resolved (though who does own the car is still an open question).

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