Gazing into the Quasicrystal Heavens

“She would later call it a spiritual aftershock. She looked up; she saw a complex grid in the sky. A grid of quasicrystals on the ceiling of the world, like the ceiling of the shrine of Darb-i-Iman, only deeper, only ghostlier, etched into the filling night. And at first Margaret was full of fear. She looked up into the quasicrystal heavens and was frightened that there was a pattern, there was a design governing behavior on earth. Past and present, a repeating pattern always circular, knowing no progress that does not loop back again. The heavens were a bureaucracy, cycle-bound, administering life on earth – playing fast and loose with Margaret’s red lips and tearing heart. And her head went weak.”-Ida Hattemer-Higgins, The History of History, a novel.

That’s the only astrological reference in “The History of History”, which is a brilliant and disturbing novel of a hallucinatory descent into insanity. Though it’s a reflection in the mind of a madwoman, I found this darkly beautiful quote to be quite lucid and true. We are supposed to avoid the fatalistic in modern astrology and for good reason but some days this is how it feels.

Events can seem fated when you realize that the U.S. has since its founding been threatened by a great depression whenever Uranus has cycled through the first third of Aries, or that every time it traveled between 9 and 17 degrees of Gemini we’ve been in the midst of one of those epic, era setting conflicts which may have been the only American Wars worth fighting for: the Revolution, Civil War and WWII.

So here we are, right on schedule, holding our collective breath while we edge past the point in the cycle where the cliff always crumbles away under our feet, plunging us into the depths of a great depression. I looked at the relationship between the Uranus cycle, wealth inequality, and what’s happening today as compared to previous “Great Depressions” in An Echo in the Spiral of Time.

Just as our economic crisis is in many ways an echo of the Great Depression that preceded WWII and the First Great Depression which preceded the Civil War, around twelve years from now we’ll be swept into events that will be seen as the Revolutionary/Civil War/World War II conflict of OUR time (The American Mandala). This isn’t a prophecy. These are repeating patterns which anyone can investigate for themselves. I can ignore the patterns in “the quasicrystal heavens” but I can’t deny they exist because the adults whose lives will be most affected by this whirlwind of conflict and change are the kids we’re raising today. How these events play out will be determined to a very large extent by how we handle the current crisis.

I’ll give an example, after the Great Depression the economy reset earlier than in the previous two cycles. The height of wealth inequality peaked in 1928, which was the year Uranus crossed into the 1st degree of Aries. After this we saw a wealth leveling effect brought on by the Wall Street Crash and Great Depression. The efforts the government took to stabilize the economy created a trend of increasing equality of wealth which lasted until 1969 when Uranus hit the opposite point in the circle, moving into the 1st degree of Libra. In this year the trend of wealth equalization ended and within a few years it began to reverse. We hit the next highest peak in wealth inequality in 2011 when Uranus again hit the 1st degree of Aries, for the first time surpassing the previous high reached in 1928. One difference between then and now is that we have successfully (so far) avoided a full blown depression but this also means that the wealth leveling effect has not yet kicked in.

This is important to consider because not only did the wealth leveling effect kick in early in the preWWII era, but this was only time that the country remained internally peaceful through a crises era. The threat of revolution or civil war – always a concern in trying times – was in fact minimal that time around. The citizens of the country really did pull together instead of pulling apart, and the war itself was fought overseas and not in our fields and streets and forests as happened during the Revolution and the Civil War. The upswing into the era of increased equality after the war was easier after WWII than it was after the Civil War, with its late, weak and foreshortened wealth leveling effect. The best thing we can do today to help the situation 12 years from now is to consciously and equitably reset the economic system.

We’re looking at Uranus but Neptune switches sides every time and Pluto also follows a repeating pattern. Since Uranus, Neptune and Pluto maintain a 6:3:2 ratio, every 500 years or so they wind up in almost the same position which is a Phoenix Cycle. This means the next climax will also share similarities with the Euro and English Reformation. A climactic conflict can include an external war (like WWII) or it can be an internal war (Revolution and Civil War) but sometimes the changes can happen without a war (like in the time of the Reformation). The climactic conflict is a point where there is a great impetus for change and maybe even an evolutionary pressure to bring it about. It’s always a conflict but it doesn’t have to be a war.

For anyone seriously studying these cycles there comes a time when you feel like Margaret peering into the quasicrystal heavens. I get the same sense from the Flammarion picture of the medieval astronomer/astrologer piercing the veil of the starry night to discover the secret workings of the universe, shown as strange wheel-like mechanisms rolling in celestial grooves. Both convey awe and a sublime sense of transcendence, though for Margaret the heavens are icily cold and oppressive, almost fascist, in their rigid rule, while Flammarian’s explorer of the cosmos seems boldly curious and fascinated by his wondrous discoveries.


It’s really not information for the weak minded or the fainthearted. In fact it can be a kind of wormhole where you emerge in a very different place from where you began. If you have ever deprogrammed yourself of a religion or ideology, or reached the point of divorcing someone you once loved or even went through a period of great personal change, you know it’s a journey that invokes many emotions ranging from denial, panic, terror, anger, sorrow and helplessness to the reawakening of joy and excitement and a feeling of renewal as you’re swept along by tidal forces that you can not fully control. The journey can be painful but it always ends in greater freedom, wisdom or self awareness and being armed with knowledge is always better than being blind-sided.

To return to the question of fate, great events can feel predestined when efforts to solve or avoid the conflict have repeatedly failed. Most often what we call fate are circumstances that we either created or constrained by our response to the situation. When I feel fatalistic I remind myself of the times when I kept having the same problem. Eventually you try a different response and the problem is solved, lessened or becomes a point of strength for you. It’s empowering to know that you can change or transform your own future and this is true not only for individuals, it’s true for countries too.

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