My First Friday Fictioneers: Whose Reality?

My First Friday Fictioneers story! The object is to write a flash fiction piece using a photo prompt. It is tough staying at 100 words. This week the prompt is the suggestion “Whose Reality?” and the following picture.


During the outage a cop knocked on Colin’s door.

“Good of you to check on an old man.”

“You were seen climbing the pole, sir.” The officer wore an earpiece but his eyes were calm and fully occupied, no sign of bliss or distracted switching between inner e-space and the world. Perhaps he would understand.

“They don’t talk to their neighbors anymore or to each other, like ghosts haunting their own lives.”

The officer tapped the earpiece, his eyes glazing over. “A break-in! Stay off the pole, sir.”

Colin watched him go, his first visitor in a very long time.

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8 Responses to My First Friday Fictioneers: Whose Reality?

  1. lindarigsbee says:

    Poor guy! Very good writing. You hooked me in from the first.

  2. Mystikel says:

    Thanks. I liked yours too.

  3. petrujviljoen says:

    I liked this a lot.

  4. Oh the sadness of lonelyness. Great take.

  5. Sandra says:

    That was a unique take on loneliness, and the distraction of others.

  6. Dear Kelly,
    Welcome to Friday Fictioneers.
    You made me ache for Colin. “Like ghosts haunting their own lives…” Stellar line. Good job.

  7. Mystikel says:

    Thanks for the encouraging words and for stopping by, Petrujviljoen, Bjorn and Sandra. Colin really surprised me by climbing that pole.

  8. Mystikel says:

    Hi Rochelle. Thanks so much for coming by and for running the Friday Fictioneers. I think the hundred word limit will be great training in making every word speak to the story – sweet and to the point.

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