Friday Fictioneers #3: The Eye of Aeturnius

Anna was texting in the field when a fiery eye opened in the air nearby.

“After long ages, you have found them, Aeturnius. We will reclaim the escaped slaves tomorrow,” said the Worldgazer’s superior, still glaring through the scope.

“But they are no longer useful for slave labor,” Aeturnius hastened to explain. “They have lived so long on that fast spinning planet that their lives are to us like embers, lasting but an hour.”

The ruse worked. A crowd of reprieved slaves had gathered in the field when the eye reappeared. This time the eye smiled.


It’s Saturday so I’m a little late in putting this up. If you’re wondering how the story connects to the picture, Aeturnius will make an expedition to earth, visiting Anna and bringing this strange vehicle with him. The scope that they were using I imagine looked something like Tim Wetherell’s Clockwork Universe sculpture:


Thanks to Sandra Crook for the intriguing picture and as always to Rochelle Wiseoff Fields for running the Friday Fictioneers.

The Friday Fictioneers is an online group dedicated to crafting flash fiction pieces of a 100 words each week with the inspiration of a photo prompt. If you would like to read more pieces inspired by this prompt click on the link. 

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7 Responses to Friday Fictioneers #3: The Eye of Aeturnius

  1. Hurrah for the reprieved slaves!! BTW, you’re not too late unless the submissions page has closed. 🙂 Love that sculpture!!


  2. Ohhh.. Does the Red Sea open and they all make it to freedom? Hope so. Interesting.

  3. jwdwrites says:

    Ah, I do love a bit of Fantasy. 🙂

  4. vbholmes says:

    Intriguing beginning–looking forward to the next installment.

  5. camgal says:

    That was super creative 🙂

  6. Mystikel says:

    Thanks. Glad that all of you liked it. I will be on double duty reading stories from this week and next week together, so if I haven’t checked out your story yet I will soon.

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