Friday Fictioneers #6 In the Alien World


In the alien world jumping from a building meant falling upward. Caught like a trembling leaf against the curved lip of the roof, only smooth rounded stone kept Jake from tumbling into the sky. Then hands gripped his leg. A fellow abductee pulled him through her window. In the gravity controlled apartment he sank to the floor, clinging to the woman until his watery insides solidified. “You do not yet have the strength to fly,” an abductor whispered in his mind. Holding the woman and thinking “To fly!” he relinquished the power to resist or found reason to stay alive. 

This story was written for the Friday Fictioneers, a group dedicated to crafting flash fiction pieces of a 100 words each with the inspiration of a photo prompt. Thanks to Rochelle Wisoff-Fields for giving our words a place to go and to Kent Bonham for the photo prompt (which I have turned upside down so don’t think he’s some crazy cock-eyed photographer). You can view more stories from the Friday Fictioneers here.

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15 Responses to Friday Fictioneers #6 In the Alien World

  1. Sandra says:

    Now that’s what I call an original take on the prompt. Well done.

    • Mystikel says:

      Thanks Sandra. Your story this week is very memorable too. I made my way through most of the list and that snipped braid still stands out for me. It’s nice to read the unexpected!

  2. troy P. says:

    I loved the way you quite literally flipped this one on its head!

  3. Great take on this… there are more ways than one to see a picture.

    • Mystikel says:

      I love the variety as well as the different renditions of similar themes that come out with the prompt each week. This week there’s a lot of jumping off buildings, ghosts, living or morphing buildings, bones of all kinds, lost love (in honor of Gaudi, the building’s architect) and at least two hair snipping incidents. It’s been a fun week at FF.

  4. My first thought was that you’d put the picture in upside down (which, of course, you had.) Then I saw the “logic” of it. Good job!


  5. I love the world you created with this one. It was very disorienting and fascinating, as any good scifi/fantasy should be. And well written.

  6. Mystikel says:

    Thanks, I feel the same about your Alice story, as if we were looking at the tale through new eyes. Thanks for the follow and I have followed you as well. Best of luck with the book. I like how you discuss your progress and the process. That seems like a excellent way of keeping yourself on task.

  7. kz says:

    great original take on the prompt. i like that you looked at from an entirely different angle 🙂

  8. Dear Kelly,
    Talk about turning the world upside down! An original take on the prompt.

  9. yarnspinnerr says:


    Hats off to your creativity. 🙂

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