The Arrow of Time is a Spiral

This post takes its inspiration from the WordPress blog Merovee. Frank is very insightful and uses current events, movies, music and memes to point out the places where the world’s myth of randomness has worn thin, finding suggestions of a connectivity that exists on a deeper level. In an interesting post called the “Arrow of Time” he says “In Doctor Who, one of the recurring themes since its reintroduction has been ‘a fixed point in time and space’. This is an event which cannot be altered even by a time traveler, and must happen and magnetically draws the world towards it.”


Some of the points he made include:

“If one reviews the history of the world since 1914, one can see a similar pattern to the fixed point in time as seen in Doctor Who. If we take the dropping of the atomic bomb in 1945 as the fixed point, prior events such as the 1st World War, the Great Depression, the rise of the totalitarian mind set with the Nazis and Communism and the scientific break throughs in quantum physics could be seen with hindsight, as being created by the magnetic draw of the atom bomb…

As the world moved away from Nagasaki and Hiroshima, the effects were seen with the Cold War and world politics were dominated by these events but as time progressed, the effects became less and less and even though, nuclear weapons are still an issue, for all intents and purposes this period ended with the collapse of the Eastern bloc at the end of the 1980s and early 1990s…

I believe 9/11 was part of the attraction of the ‘fixed point in time’ and was a stepping stone to the future…”

We can call these points in time Great Attractors like the one that actually does exist in space. At Merovee they deal in synchronicity, but I want to look at the astro-synchronicity of these attractors because the events mentioned are part of a greater structure of time that can be measured. In other words great attractors are not randomly scattered in history but form a pattern.

In essence the post posits that *WWI is to WWII and the atomic bomb* as *9/11 and its wars will be to the next great attractor*. The Great Attractors (WWII and the one to come) are preceded by a precursor conflict that directly reflects on what will follow. Below there is a cycle chart that shows the astro-synchronology of the pattern for the “Great Attractors”. We can make one for precursor events like WWI and 9/11 that can be measured out in the same way. Essentially the magnetism  not only warps time in the decades before and after the event but its gravitational effects also travel in cross time currents and are felt again when we cross that point in the cycle once again in the future. The tension and pressure of the time we’re calling the “Great Attractor” is such that it always results in a conflict of some kind, usually manifested in a do or die, end of cycle war. This will be an American focused chart but the pattern grew from European roots.  It is really just a snapshot of a small part of these greater structures in time.

To explain what you’ll be looking at each concentric ring represents one of these epic conflicts. The dashes correspond to the positions of the outer planets from beginning to end for each conflict, information which can be verified in any online astrological ephemeris. The green wedge shows where Uranus overlapped its prior positions over the course of these climactic conflicts from start to finish, the blue represents the overlap of Neptune and purple is Pluto. What we see is a very precise cross time pattern that exists where we should expect to find only randomness. This is order out of chaos.


The 2020s ring is a projected measurement. The right column represents areas where the planets will overlap or geometrically oppose or square their positions in all three prior end of cycle conflicts. For instance in each of these climactic conflicts Uranus has been in the same point in the sky, running from 9 to 17 degrees of the zodiac sign of Gemini. Neptune has switched sides in the sky every time, running from 1 to 5 degrees of Aries or its partner in polarity Libra while Pluto came close to exactly squaring or opposing its prior positions.

The overlaps for the future “Great Attractor” period run from 2025-2029 with the greatest weight or center of gravity falling in 2027. In other words, the WWII/Civil War/Revolution of our time will encompass that period if the pattern continues to hold. As historians have consistently rated the presidents associated with those conflicts as the greatest, all three moving within the top 1, 2 and 3 spots in the list but never descending lower, let’s hope we do have a George Washington, a Lincoln, an FDR to light the way. We’d even settle for a 4th place!

If looking at this structure you’re tempted to say “But those are just the epic conflicts of Strauss and Howe Fourth Turnings!” I am only going to agree with you. I measure the same natural cycle using a system that I call Astrosynchronology.

For some earlier articles on the subject you can read:

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