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Man in the Woods at Sandy Hook, Owner of the Black Honda and Other Anomalies

A month has passed since the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School. After all the reporting and misreporting many of the original discrepancies remain. In some instances corrections were spread in the press, but left many wondering: How did they … Continue reading

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Man in the Woods at Sandy Hook, Solved?

For an update see here As a parent volunteer on a field trip with my son's middle school on Friday, about 45 minutes from Newtown, the news of this horrifying attack hit close to home. Around lunchtime I heard about a school shooting in Wilton CT. In … Continue reading

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The *Spectacular* Fail of Congress

No one polled the citizens of the 1850s to ask what they thought of Congress, but they couldn’t have scored their compromisers on Capitol Hill much lower than we rate the Senate and House of Representatives today. I say that … Continue reading

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